For immediate release

Reference: Bail Fraud
Date of Release: November 6, 2020

On November 6, 2020 while checking the rank of my Google my Business page I located another person using the name Hillsborough County Bail Bonds and identifying themselves as a bondsman. The subtle change in the name was with one letter; we are Hillsborough County Bail Bonds, they listed themselves as HillsBorough County Bail Bonds (capital B in first name). We initiated a general investigation on our own and identified that the entity was started less than a month ago and has created multiple other bail bond names as well.

It appears that English is not the first language of the entity as in one instance their descriptions is as follows:

“HillsBorough County Bail Bonds

The defendants and social relations important, and not to endanger the risk of flight or danger, may be authorized to announce their commitment to return to the court without financial responsibility. True . . . Bail bonds ended output way to link the accused veil can not gather enough cash for the entire bail, the court will accept a combination of jewelry”.

We have identified that they have listed their business address and confirmed that the actual address is a City owned water treatment plant. We have also identified at least 14 different sites that they have listed their business including an international directory. We are attempting to resolve the problem by utilizing law enforcement and providing them will all information that has been gathered. The State of Florida Department of Financial Services who governs the bail bonding industry in Florida.

It is our concern that an innocent potential client may contact this entity and attempt to secure a bond to only have finances stolen. In the State of Florida bail bondsmen have a license that can be verified on line and we recommend that anyone needing a bail bond verify that the person they are working with is properly licensed.

At this time we recommend that any bail bonding agents in the State of Florida be very diligent and check to see if any fraudulent use of your business name has been initiated.